December 8, 2006

Training libraries cannot ILL

This morning I set several requests for materials from NHU-PAC's training libraries to "not available." Please keep in mind that the following locations may have holdings listed in the NHU-PAC but they're just there for testing and training; they have no materials they can actually lend to you:

Training - Birch Public TBIR
Training - Finch Museum TFIN
Training - Ladybug School TLDY
Training - Lilac Public TLIL
Training - Newt School TNWT

You may also find "NHAIS Services NHU-PAC" available when you're asked to choose lenders from a drop-down list. When this happens with requests for serial titles, click the drop-down arrow and choose a valid lender (you'll see them listed on the right) and remember to check the box to the left of the selected location. If you see "NHAIS Services NHU-PAC" on the Select Union Lenders page when you're requesting a monograph, that usually means there are no available lenders. You'll see "No availability information (empty)" under Holding Info. In such cases, your best bet is to cancel the request and send a message to NHAIS-ILL asking if anybody in the state has a copy that's not listed in the NHU-PAC.

If you're curious about the names of our training locations, check the NH Almanac. At the bottom of the page you'll find links to information about state symbols including the official state tree, the official state bird, the official state insect, the official state flower, and the official state amphibian.