April 12, 2007

A NH library blog list & minor renovations

Since I began playing around with blogs I have talked to several NH library people who asked if there were other libraries in NH with blogs. There are, and I began compiling a list of them several months ago to help me try to keep up with the stuff going on in NH libraries. I have added this list to the right-hand panel of this blog so anyone who is interested can see what other NH libraries are doing. As with any list, this one is no doubt missing things. Please let me know (mrussell@library.state.nh.us) which New Hampshire libraries (or librarians) have blogs that I should add to the list.

Another issue that has come up in conversations about blogs is what library-related blogs are out there and which ones are worth reading. I think everyone will have a different answer to which ones are worth reading, depending on their particular interests, but Bobbi & I are working on an idea to point you (if you are interested) to parts of the blogosphere that we have found interesting, helpful, relevant, or in some cases just cool. Stay tuned for details on that.

You may also notice that the subscription information for NHAIS Notes is no longer at the top of the blog. I have moved it to the bottom of the screen and pulled the NHAIS links and blog indexing higher up the page to make it easier to find.