May 3, 2007

Lost Book List for April 2007

From Donna at Rochester PL:
We sent Chesley Memorial a book back in March, they never received.
Remember me to Harold Square YA Danziger

From Marilyn at Jaffrey PL:
Newfields PL kindly lent us the book Baby Talk by Monica Beyer at the end of February. It is not on the shelf at their library and has never arrived here, so we’re wondering if it’s lost somewhere in vanland. Could everyone please check their shelves? (Sorry I can’t supply a call # as Newfields computer has crashed, but it’s about sign language for babies). Thanks so much for checking!

From Denise (Greenland):
Could everyone please check their shelves for Meredith Public Library's copy of Lucia Lucia by Adriana Trigiani? It left Greenland but never made it to Meredith.

To add an item to the next lost book list send it to Mary Cronin.