June 28, 2007

Van Delivery, July 2007

The State Library will be closed on Wednesday, July 4, 2007. There will be no van delivery on that date. If you are a once a week stop, you may want to make arrangements with a nearby library to have your materials delivered/picked up for that week.

For a complete list of all of the holidays the State Library is closed, please visit http://www.nh.gov/nhsl/services/librarians/van_delivery/instructions.html (the van delivery instructions) and scroll down to "NO Van Service".

Also, van driver vacations are coming up. During that time, a substitute driver(s) will be taking over. Van delivery will be made, although very likely at a later time than the regular driver(s) arrive. The vacation times I have scheduled substitute drivers for so far are as follows:

Friday, July 5th and 6th - Southwestern Route (Jim Weatherbee's route)
Week of July 16 - Southeastern Route (Stan Arthur's route)
Week of July 30 - Southwestern Route (Jim Weatherbee's route).