July 2, 2007

Sue's Clues: NH Downloadable Audio Books

Those of you who belong to the State Library's Downloadable Books program may be wondering how to count access to those titles in the NH Public Library Annual Report. You may have already figured it out, but in case you haven't....

They should be counted as Electronic Books [e-books] in question 33. Report the number of electronic units available. Yes, this may create an exaggerated view of how many downloadables NH libraries own, but at the moment it can't be helped. In the future we hope to have a better definition and location for this figure, but at the moment we're forbidden to make any changes for the federal statistics program.

The State Library offered 1294 downloadable books in 2006 to those of you subscribing to the program. Please enter this figure for question 33 on the NH Public Library Annual Report.
If you buy e-books and/or or subscribe to downloadable e-books directly, also enter those figures on line 33.

Remember, the deadline for submitting the report is Friday, July 13.