August 24, 2007

Forwarded messages on NHAIS-L & NHAIS-ILL

You may have noticed a few recent "forwarded to the list on behalf of..." messages on the NHAIS-L and NHAIS-ILL e-mail lists. Instead of being received at the addresses where the list administrators can approve the messages for posting to list subscribers, the messages were sent to administrative addresses which led to delays, sometimes of several days, in the posting of messages.
The root of this problem: AutoComplete or a similar feature which suggests addresses when you start typing in the TO: area while composing a message. When you start typing "NHAIS," make sure your e-mail program doesn't supply an address with the word "bounces" in it. The correct address for NHAIS-L messages is The correct address for NHAIS-ILL messages is
Also, please remember that messages dealing with interlibrary loan matters should be directed to NHAIS-ILL. Other topics, including book giveaways, belong on NHAIS-L. If you send a message to the wrong list, you'll get a rejection message; we cannot forward messages from one list to the other.