June 5, 2008

NHUPAC server

For all you patient people pondering possibilities:

We, i.e. SirsiDynix and myself have RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) to NHUPAC. There is a slight problem remaining which should be easily resolved. It is: NHUPAC is within the State's DMZ for computers. This means that it can be reached from the outside but it, the server in the DMZ cannot reach servers on the other side of the DMZ wall without special access being arranged.

NHUPAC, the server needs to be able to telnet to PARK, the database server. The special permissions to allow NHUPAC to telnet into PARK have not yet been established. This is a simple two line change in the access lists of the Cisco 6900 router.

The new NHU-PAC server is really close to being set up and ready to serve the New Hampshire Library community, there are just a couple of obstacles in the way.

We thank you for your patience.


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