December 4, 2008

Ebsco Alerts: An Overview

I enjoy reading magazines, but it isn't always practical or economical to subscribe to every one I want to read. For these reasons I've set up alerts for my favorite magazine titles. What is the benefit of setting up alerts? Let's face it, it's easy to forget to check for new digital information, whether it be a Website or password-protected database. Unlike paper magazines that show up in your mailbox like clockwork every month -- forcing you to read, organize, recycle them -- electronic data can come and go without notice. Signing up for Ebsco alerts is kind of like having an electronic postman drop by to let you know that there are new articles to read.

There are two different ways to set up alerts:

  1. RSS Alerts: If you currently use a newsreader and are comfortable adding new feeds to your newsreader, RSS Alerts from Ebsco work nicely! An upcoming blog post will provide instructions on subscribing to RSS feeds for a magazine title.

  2. Email Alerts: If you would rather receive email notices, you'll need to register for a MyEbscohost account. This is a very easy registration! You'll receive an email when a new issue of the magazine is published to Ebsco.
Be aware that even though you are receiving reminders from Ebsco about new issues, you'll still need to have access to the service prior to reading the full-text articles. The alerts only provide a link to the articles.

Stay tuned for instructions on setting up Email or RSS alerts!

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