March 20, 2009

Annual Report OPEN! for Public Libraries to submit data

The following message from NHSL's Tom Ladd was originally distributed February 27 and is now posted here for easy reference:

The NH Public Library Annual Report (NHPLAR) data collection for 2008 is OPEN! All public libraries in NH must (see RSA 202-A:12) make an annual report to the State Library. As we have in the last several years, this will be done through an on-line data collection tool, trying to make this process as painless as possible. The collection program has been totally overhauled and improved during the "off-season", and you will find they have addressed certain problems that plagued a few of you. The final date for submission of data this year is 20 April 2009. Please begin submission of data as soon as possible, so that we may assist you should you have any questions. Please contact Tom Ladd at the NHSL with any questions by e-mail at Thomas.Ladd at or by phone at (603)419-0086.

How to submit your data

From any internet connected computer with almost any browser, go to:

Yes, it will work with Macs this year! Yes, it will work with Firefox as well as Internet Explorer this year! It does work best with IE 6.0 or higher or Firefox 1.5 or higher. It does NOT use the same "pop-up" system as before!

You will need to enter your library's username and password. These are the same as last year. If you do not have this information, contact Tom Ladd (Thomas.Ladd at or (603)419-0086) or Darlene Reinhard (Darlene.Reinhard at or (603)271-2392).

Push the big green "Login" button. This will bring you to a new page which opens automatically to the New Hampshire Public Library Annual Report Fiscal Year 2008. You may read the "frequent questions" or look to your far right and push the big green "Start Survey" button. This will open a page that has your library's name in big bold letters at the top of the page. Below that is a row of tabs, with "Survey" selected. Please select the "Instructions" tab. Please read the top two sections, "Instructions" and "GENERAL DIRECTIONS". Below that are definitions which may be consulted as needed. Near the top of this page, under the row of tabs and on your left, are two optional helps. One lets you print the directions if you wish to do so. The other will let you print the blank survey if you prefer to work on paper then input your data or if you want to give part of it to someone else (e.g. the treasurer) to work on. You may now choose the "Survey" tab and return to this year's report input page.

I strongly recommend that you first look far to your right and click on the brown "Show last year's answers" button. (This is new this year). Please scroll down on this page and click on the indicated link to print off your signature page. You will need this at the end of the survey. You may now begin to input your report data. At the bottom of each page you may hit the reddish "Save" button if you wish to save data and stay on the same page. The green "Next" button will save the data and also take you to the next page. The "Survey Navigation" pane at the left side of the page will allow you to jump to different sections of the report without going page by page. If you have questions about any answer, please read the directions with the question carefully. If the question number is underlined, click on the number for an additional help screen. If you still have a question, you may "flag it" (click on the little, almost invisible flag to the right of the answer box - it will turn red to remind you to come back to this problem.) You may then contact Tom Ladd at the NHSL at Thomas.Ladd at or (603)419-0086.

How to finish submitting your data

When you have answered all the questions (and after taking a swig of your favorite congratulatory beverage), click on the "Status" tab at the top of a page. On the Status page, you will find another bar of tabs, with "Edit Checks" (questions that the software has about your answers), "Unanswered Questions" (you may not have any Required Unanswered Questions), "Flagged Questions" (something that you wanted to go back to), and "Submit Survey". You may not submit the survey with any outstanding Edit Checks or Required Unanswered Questions. If there are any that you cannot deal with, contact Tom Ladd at the NHSL at Thomas.Ladd at or (603)419-0086.

Thomas A. Ladd, MLS
Library Education Coordinator
New Hampshire State Library
North Country Office
c/o 128 Main Street
Lancaster, NH 03584
Thomas.Ladd at
temporary phone (603)419-0086

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