December 29, 2009

End-of-year housekeeping

Tuesday, December 29: Attention catalogers: don't delete any duplicate holdings your library might have in the NHU-PAC on Wednesday morning, December 30. In preparation for harvesting year-end statistics, NHAIS Services is doing a little housekeeping with the NHU-PAC. Wednesday morning we'll be running a program to remove duplicate holdings from the database. It takes several hours for this process and if, while it's running, you choose to delete a duplicate holding of yours, it's possible that the deduplicating process will later remove your other holding(s) on the same bibliographic record. The process should be done by 11 a.m. Once duplicate holdings are removed, NHAIS Services will build a new index for the NHU-PAC which will be installed Thursday morning, resulting in a brief disruption of NHU-PAC searching prior to 7:45.

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