December 28, 2009

ILL statistical oddities

From the NHAIS Services mailbag:
Something doesn't look right in the Statistics Report for # of requests. For our library, it shows at the end of Sept for 1/09 - 9/09 a total of 651 requests - according to my records we have nearer to 340 through the end of the month.

For requests placed by your library, any time more than one library responds to your request there'll be more than one "count" for that request showing up in the totals. The example below reflects two filled requests:

Both requests were Shipped by the third library in the lender string (Birch Public in one case, Ladybug School in the other). Each line is an accurate reflection of the activity with each particular library for the specified time period and the first column on the TOTAL line is an accurate reflection of the number of filled requests. Figures in the next three columns (count of unfilleds, total count of requests, percentage filled) of the TOTAL line are essentially meaningless. Remember that what you're looking at reflects two requests that were filled: there were four "not availables" between them but that doesn't mean four requests went unfilled. The last column, by the way, is "Days to Ship" and a zero indicates the request was marked Shipped on the same day it was received.

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