November 17, 2010

Important! Survey of Van Delivery Service

The New Hampshire State Library is conducting a one week survey of our van delivery service to determine the number of items transported by our vans. We are requesting that all libraries using our van delivery service count all items placed on the van during this one week period. Please count all items placed on the State Library vans during the week of November 29 through December 3.

All libraries using the state library's van delivery service will receive a letter and statistics form by van in the next week. If you do not receive your form, please contact Donna Gilbreth or Diana DeCota. Completed forms must be submitted to the state library after December 3rd.

Please count every item you are placing in the van bins to be delivered to other libraries. Please count all books individually (including those in bags or boxes). Also count DVDs, envelopes, equipment, etc. that you are sending to other libraries by the van service.

Smaller libraries that drop their items off at larger libraries for pick up must also complete the form. All libraries will receive the form and are asked to count statistics for their library before delivering them to their "drop off" library for pick up.

The state library's van delivery service is vital to resource sharing among New Hampshire libraries. Because the service is financed with LSTA funding, our annual report to the federal government must explain how these funds are used.

If you have any questions about this one week survey please call Donna Gilbreth at 271-2060 or Diana DeCota at 271-2206. We appreciate your cooperation in providing these important statistics.

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