February 10, 2011

FAQ: Why haven’t I received the MARC records I requested?

If you requested them less than a week ago, we are probably still working on them.

If it has been longer than that, make sure you sent a completed Cataloging Products Profile form to NHAIS Services, with the “Yes” option checked under “MARC records for brief records added.” Usually, files of MARC records requested are compiled and sent once each week.

Sometimes you won’t get all the records you requested because we were unable to find a matching record for the information you submitted. In that case, you’ll receive a printout of your submission with a request for more information. You can help avoid such delays by entering as much information as possible to distinguish your item on the Add Brief Records form. For sound recordings, let us know whether it’s a cassette, CD, LP, or other format in the physical description area. For visual materials, note whether it’s VHS, DVD, film, or other format.

Don't just add the record again -- this just generates extra work for everyone and won't get you your record any faster. If you are unsure whether the record went into the system correctly please contact NHAIS Help Desk (271-2141) and we can figure out where the record in question is in the process.

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