March 30, 2011

Microblogging is Official

Each week the Library of Congress releases a list of new and revised subject headings. The list for the week of 3/16/2011 included a heading to cover tweeting. "Microblogs" is the proper LC subject heading.

Here is the entry:

150 Microblogs [May Subd Geog] [sp2011000813]      [150 tag is the term you use]

450 UF Microblogging          [these 450 tags are terms the 150 should be used for (UF)]

450 UF Tumblelogging

450 UF Tumblelogs

450 UF Tweeting (Microblogs)

450 UF Tweets (Microblogs)

550 BT Blogs             [550 tags are broader terms (BT) or related terms (RT) that can be used]

550 RT Instant messaging

550 RT Social networks

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