March 31, 2011

NHU-PAC searching limited Fri pm/Sat am

NHU-PAC's keyword indexes are going to be rebuilt starting Friday (4/1) at 5:30 p.m. From then until Saturday morning, keyword searches in the NHU-PAC will retrieve only partial results, if any. While the first 50,000 records in the database are reindexed, you'll probably get an "unable to retrieve search results" error message. Then, you'll be able to search only the first 50,000 records the database. As subsequent groups of 50,000 records are reindexed, they'll become searchable, too. It will probably be after midnight before materials from the past decade start turning up in results and it won't be until later Saturday morning that the most recently added records should be findable through keyword searches. Browse indexes (not an option in the ILL program) should retrieve valid results from the entire database throughout this process. We have been routinely rebuilding keyword indexes in the background for years, requiring a very brief interruption of NHU-PAC searching to bring things up to date, but recent problems with the procedure make it necessary to do this "live" rebuild. We're hoping the Friday night start will minimize the inconvenience for NHU-PAC users.

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