April 18, 2011

Banding books for bins

Hello librarians, As you know, our van drivers are quite busy transporting materials around the state to many libraries. I greatly appreciate your adherence to our guidelines as published on our website. It helps tremendously in making our van deliveries more efficient.

One suggestion not included in our instructions (yet) is that of placing each book (or other item) individually in your van bin. It is more difficult for van drivers to deal with several books grouped together with rubber bands. They are more difficult to place in crowded book bins. In addition, if the rubber bands break, books without a routing slip might not get to the appropriate destination. We are asking you, when feasible, to mark each book (video, dvd, etc.) with a routing slip and place at least one rubber band around that item.

Thank you very much for your assistance! Donna Gilbreth Reference and Information Services Supervisor New Hampshire State Library 20 Park St. Concord, NH 03301 603-271-2060 donna.gilbreth@dcr.nh.gov

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