April 12, 2011

FAQ: How can I tell if I have old unfinished ILL transactions?

NHAIS libraries often end up with old transactions in the system that remain in Shipped, Received, or Returned status because somebody forgot a step or two in the process. Sometimes they end up with a lot of these. This doesn't need to be the case for your library as these transactions are easy to find and resolve.
Here's what to do:

Log into the NHAIS ILL system.
From Request Inquiry, run searched for search for older (<970000) request numbers that are

  • Returned / Requests made TO your library
  • Shipped / Requests made BY your library
  • Received / Requests made BY your library)
If requests turn up from these searches check your shelves/records to be sure the items are where they belong in the ILL process and set the status of each request accordingly.

If you run into trouble with this, contact the NHAIS Help Desk at 271-2141.

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