May 25, 2011

NHU-PAC server upgrade update

The purchase of a new main database server for NHU-PAC and the continuation of our support contract with SirsiDynix for NHU-PAC was on today's Governor & Council Agenda (it is item #9). The request was approved. We will be moving forward with the purchase and installation of a new production server as soon as possible. When a specific plan is in place we will let everyone know when things will be shut down for the transition.

There was news making the rounds of the state recently (I think I saw it in minutes from an NHLA meeting or perhaps a coop meeting) that we had gotten a new server. That was a different server than the one that was approved today. In March we replaced the server that the NHU-PAC Holdings Maintenance programs reside on with a newer server that had been used as our pac server in the past (that is the server that the webpages you see when you use the NHU-PAC actually reside on). The one we are now replacing is the main server that hosts the actual NHU-PAC database.

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