December 27, 2011

NHU-PAC server restarts

Tuesday, Dec. 27: Hello and welcome to the last Tuesday of the month, which is when we normally take the NHU-PAC entirely offline briefly to perform scheduled maintenance. Because of the maintenance (and consequent service interruptions) we've been performing in the past 2 weeks, we do not plan to bring the entire system down today. However, you should expect parts of the NHU-PAC to be offline briefly today. Holdings Maintenance is still being worked on and its server will be restarted at some point--we'll try to give you a little notice--and Interlibrary Loan, which remained in service throughout the past 2 weeks, will experience a brief interruption of service at 10 a.m. ILL should be available again no later than 10:10 a.m.

Please note that the add/delete holdings and add brief records functions of Holdings Maintenance are still not working. Refer to Mary Russell's message of Dec. 20 for more information.

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