June 3, 2013

Outage Update

NHU-PAC is up and running (with brand new indexes as of about an hour ago) except for the ILL system which remains down. There was a massive power outage at the state server farm last night (no, I can’t explain how that could happen) and the server with the ILL system on didn’t come back up correctly when the power came back. The other servers that the NHU-PAC runs on were restarted early this morning by David Harris and are now running as usual.

Lots of other servers unrelated to NHAIS also had issues and may not be working as expected yet. The server that hosts the NH Library Directory was down this morning but seems to be back now. 

A variety of people are working on figuring out how to get the ILL system back up and running but it will probably be tomorrow (best case scenario) before NHAIS ILL is working again.

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