January 15, 2014

NHAIS by the Numbers 2013

Activities of NHAIS member libraries during calendar year 2013 have been compiled and are available at http://www.nh.gov/nhsl/nhais/nhaisactivityinfo.html.

There are 474 New Hampshire libraries currently registered with NHAIS. Of these, 283 are signed up to participate in NHAIS Interlibrary Loan (ILL). There were 122,485 new holdings (representing materials added to NH libraries) added to NHU-PAC and 120,088 items loaned via NHAIS ILL during 2013.

Top Ten NHAIS Libraries Based on Number of Inter-Library Loan Requests Filled

  1. Rochester Public Library (2,509 loans)
  2. Concord Public Library (2,490 loans)
  3. Keene Public Library (2,462 loans)
  4. Lane Memorial Library, Hampton (2,402 loans)
  5. Nashua Public Library (2,127 loans)
  6. W D Weeks Memorial Library, Lancaster (2,028 loans)
  7. Barrington Public Library (2,020 loans)
  8. Dover Public Library (1,980 loans)
  9. Manchester City Library (1,863 loans)
  10. Merrimack Public Library (1,839 loans)
Top Ten NHAIS Libraries Based on Number of Holdings Added to NHU-PAC
  1. Lane Memorial Library, Hampton (6,185 items added)
  2. Portsmouth Public Library (5,519 items added)
  3. Colby Memorial Library, Danville (4,991 items added)
  4. Tuftonboro Free Library (4,833 items added)
  5. Nashua Public Library (4,495 items added)
  6. NH State Library, Concord (3,820 items added)
  7. Patten Library, Haverhill (3,817 items added)
  8. Seabrook Library (3,733 items added)
  9. NHTI, Concord (3,234 items added)
  10. Wadleigh Memorial Library, Milford (3,071 items added)
Thank you to all the NH libraries who contribute holdings and fill inter-library loan requests!

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