August 1, 2014

Do you have a pile of stuff to catalog that isn't in NHU-PAC?

NHAIS Services is working on an alternative way for libraries to send us requests for MARC records that are not currently in the NHU-PAC (what was done through the “add brief records” sub-tab of Holdings Maintenance).

We think we have a workable solution figured out. What we are concerned about it that we will announce the solution to hundreds of NHAIS libraries and then discover there is a problem with it after a ton of records are submitted. To avoid this situation we would like to find a few (3-5) libraries who can submit records (that they actually need) to us via the new method (an online form) and we will run through the processing side of the plan to make sure it works as we anticipate.

The ideal library staffer to help with this:

  •  Has used the “submit brief record” form of holdings maintenance in the recent past and is familiar with what it asks and where to find that info on actual library materials
  • Is using one of the Z39.50 methods outlined on NHAIS Notes last week (or a variation you had already been using) to find records in NHU-PAC
  • Has a pile of materials (a small pile is fine) in hand for which NHU-PAC has been searched and there is no MARC record available 
  •  Is willing to send us an email list of the requests they submit through the online form so that we can double check that what was put into the form turned up in our workflow

If you are willing and able to help out with this next week (when we expect to do the testing) please email me ( by the end of the day on Monday (8/4). I will send another message to this list when I have enough volunteers for this first round of testing. (If it works, it will be the only round.)

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