August 15, 2019

ILL Participant Profile Surveys -- What to Expect

NHAIS libraries have begun signing up for the new NHAIS ILL System and we have been compiling the survey results and sending data to Auto-Graphics to configure each library in the new system. NHAIS has 453 member libraries, each of whom was sent an email asking them to sign up for the new system if they want to. The previous automated ILL system had 280 libraries set up to lend/borrow and we anticipate a similar number will sign up again. With so many details to collect from so many libraries we are looking at a TON of data coming into NHAIS in the next couple of weeks.
Over the past week we processed the first batch of surveys (data was sent to the vendor for the first 48 libraries which completed all the necessary surveys for their chosen options) and now have a better sense of what NHAIS libraries should expect as they work through the profiling process.

Here is what we are doing:
  • We will close each survey for about 15 minutes once a week (it was last done on Friday 8/2) to collect all the responses that have come in since we last collected data. 
  • All the data from each collection date will be compiled and added to the log where we are tracking all the responses from all the libraries. 
  • Every library that completed a survey (or enough of a survey that we can tell who it was) in a collection batch will get an email (sent to the person listed as the library director in the survey) from NHAIS telling them where they are in the process: that we have all the data from them and what they need to do next (which varies depending on what they said in the survey), or what information is still outstanding.
  • We will send a batch of completed library data to Auto-Graphics to configure the system for those libraries. 
 Here is how you can help:
  • Don't answer the same survey multiple times -- use the pdf copies at to plan your answers. If you do end up with duplicate (or incorrect) answers call us right away (271-2141) and we can go into the survey tool and fix your entry or delete the duplicate. 
  • Read the whole email we send you about your survey data-- they are specific to your library's survey responses and in some cases have several follow-up actions in them that you need to take so we can set up your library in the new system.
  • Complete the follow-up actions as requested -- if we asked for a paper form don't email a scan, if we asked for an email confirming something don't call and tell us your answer. 
  • If you need a copy of the answers you gave to your surveys make them as you go along. There are pdf copies of all the surveys at which you can use to keep a record of what you said.

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