August 7, 2019

NHU-PAC Freezing as of August 16, 2019

In order to have time for NHSL staff to process all the profiling information coming in and move forward on the implementation of a new NHAIS ILL System for New Hampshire we need to stop processing additions and deletions to the current version of the NHU-PAC.

NHAIS libraries may send files of current acquisitions (their usual holdings files) until the end of the day (whenever your library closes) on Friday, August 16, 2019. Any deletions files that you have accumulated may also be sent until then. For files received by the deadline, we will load the new records/holdings into NHU-PAC and delete the holdings for discards as soon as possible. Files sent after 8/16/19 will be returned unprocessed.

There will be a delay in replying to let you know that your files were received. We will confirm that we got what you sent as soon as we can, but the usual response within one working day is not going to be possible over the next few weeks.

Our expectation is that the existing NHU-PAC (barring disasters beyond our control) will be available for searching until the new system goes live.

Libraries that will be using NHU-PAC as the source of their holdings in the new NHAIS ILL System's union database will need to be sure they keep track of their acquisitions and deletions between 8/16 and the time when we are ready to load updates into the new system.

The go-live date for the new system has not yet been announced, but freezing the NHU-PAC will help us complete all the work that needs to be done to get us there as soon as possible.

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