October 2, 2019

6 Days to New NHAIS ILL System

T-minus six days and counting! The launch of the long-awaited new NHAIS Interlibrary Loan System is almost here! More than 200 New Hampshire libraries will be part of the new system at launch, with nearly two-thirds configured to have their own local catalogs serve as the direct source of holdings information and about a third contributing holdings via the union catalog (NHU-PAC).

Nearly 400 staffers were trained in the workings of the new system last week and they're now using their training passwords to get familiar with the system. Next Monday, directors of libraries whose staff attended training will receive credentials via email to use the new NHAIS ILL System when it's launched October 8.

What about libraries that missed out on the initial round of registration and training? In the weeks following the launch of the new system, NHAIS Services will announce opportunities for others to sign up. In the meantime, those libraries will likely continue handling ILL's much as they have for the last two years, using e-mail and phone calls after consulting a catalog (usually the NHU-PAC) or two. One change is that the current NHU-PAC will no longer be updated and will eventually go away. To see what the rest of the state has to offer, take a look at the new NHAIS ILL System. You'll find that it breaks up the holdings by the source catalogs, which doesn't matter for purposes of its ILL functions but, in the case of widely held titles, doesn't give you a handy list of all holding libraries at a glance.

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