October 16, 2019

Time Awaiting Lenders

We have now been live in the new NHAIS ILL System for a full week and so far there have been more than 4,500 requests placed in the system!

It was reported to us right after go-live that requests were staying in  "Awaiting Lenders" status for a very long time. Auto-Graphics has made some adjustments and the time on that is now much shorter. Transactions are coming out of that status in an average of 10 minutes or less.

A request goes into "awaiting lenders" when the library staff (or a patron) has placed it. While it is in that status you shouldn't do anything with it. The system is comparing the record you created your request from to other records in the system to find all the potential holders of the item you want to borrow. Then it looks at all the holders of those records and, in the order of your default lender string, checks to see if the availability of their copy is accessible to the system and (if it is) whether the copy is in use or not. After all that checking is done the system creates a preliminary lender string for the request and moves it into either "awaiting approval" (if it was a patron request or is for something your library owns) or it sends it to the first potential lender.

If you place a request and notice that it is staying in "Awaiting Lenders" status for more than 30 minutes please email the NHAIS Help Desk the transaction number and any details you have about when and how it was placed. With this data Auto-Graphics can follow up on the timing issue and made further server adjustments if needed.

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