November 6, 2019

Customizing the request list

Tired of clicking on titles in your Lender's Pending List just to see what the call number is? Making the call number show in the list is one of several changes you can make to this and other list displays in the Request Manager.

Look to the upper right of the display for an icon that looks like a little gear. Click on it and you'll see a list of things you can include in your list display.
Check the box next to what you'd like to see, uncheck any items you can do without, and click the gear icon again. You can sort your list using up/down arrows at the top of each column or change the maximum number of requests shown per page by selecting 25/50/75/100 from the dropdown list above or below your request list.

The empty boxes at the top of each column allow you to limit what's displayed to requests matching whatever letters or numbers you type there. It's looking at the start of each field so you don't need to type a full word. In the example below, entering 99 excludes request 9890 from the display. Entering 998 would drop requests 9973 and 9979 from the view.

The NHAIS video Customizing Your Request Displays also covers how to do this.

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