November 14, 2006

Internet Explorer 7.0 does not work with ILL

Microsoft has begun distributing the next version of its browser but be aware that Internet Explorer 7.0 cannot display NHU-PAC's ILL program properly (nor can it properly display any Web sites that use the same frame structure). Because this new version is sometimes installed through Microsoft's Automatic Updates program, you may end up with IE 7.0 even without actively seeking it out. If that happens, you have a few options to continue using NHU-PAC ILL. One is to roll back to IE 6.0 (your security software may offer this option). Another is to install and use a different browser--Firefox, Netscape, Opera, and other browsers are available as free downloads and should work fine with NHU-PAC ILL (please let NHAIS Services know if you find otherwise). You can have more than one browser installed and running on your computer.