November 22, 2023

Fixed: "Institutions may choose not to show copies..."

The bug causing the misleading message "Institutions may choose not to show copies that are not available for ILL" to appear in the Where To Find It area has been fixed. You should no longer see this message in your search results.

It has always been true that not all the holdings you see in the NHAIS ILL System are available for ILL but there's no need to dwell on it. Place your request and let the ILL program do what it's designed to do--find a library that can lend you the material. If you need help with a particular request, send details to the NHAIS Help Desk.

November 17, 2023

Taking a break from answering ILLs over the holidays?

During Thanksgiving weekend last year there was a dramatic increase--more than tenfold--in the number of unanswered requests in the NHAIS ILL System. That happened because some libraries failed to let NHAIS Services know they wouldn't be processing ILL requests that long weekend. Let's aim to do better this year.

One of the conditions of the NHAIS Interlibrary Loan Agreement is that participants will "notify all ILL users if unable to respond to requests for an extended period." You can fulfill that obligation by notifying NHAIS Services of the details requested below. Failure to do this will contribute to slower fulfillment times in the system. When you let NHAIS Services know your library won't be processing ILLs, the system can route requests to other libraries that can provide timely responses.

We ask that libraries which will be unable to answer incoming requests for more than 3 consecutive days contact the NHAIS Help Desk (by e-mail or at 603-271-2141) with the following information:

 Name of library
 HSA code
 Start date for "vacation"
 Last date for "vacation"

Not sure about whether you've already done this? You can see if your ILL vacation dates are entered in the system by going to Staff Dashboard > ILL Admin > Participant Record > Holiday List (this requires logging in with a username that ends with either ill or all). You can't change what's on the page yourself but send NHAIS Services appropriate information as noted above and we'll take care of it.

Schools that have a predictable calendar of vacation times for the academic year are welcome to submit the School Closed Dates form at any time. We're happy to receive vacation information from any library weeks or months ahead of time--don't wait until 3 o'clock on Friday afternoon to contact NHAIS Services about a planned absence that starts the next day.

Need to suspend van delivery? Contact the State Library's circulation desk via e-mail or at 603-271-2616.

November 16, 2023

ILL fixes and enhancements 11/16

The NHAIS ILL System will be offline briefly starting tonight (Thursday, Nov. 16) at 10 o'clock. This interruption is necessary to install program updates.

One enhancement is the new display of a "facet chip" to results when a facet range (such as date) is selected.

Several fixes are part of tonight's updates:

-Computer Game and Computer Program formats for physical items like CD-ROMs have been defaulting to the Non-Returnable Request form. This has been corrected.  

-The Rebuild Lender List function was applying the Automatic Approval permission of the original requester rather than the staff user who was using Rebuild Lender List. This could result in a Rebuild Lender List request by a staff user going to Awaiting Approval status if the request was placed by a patron. This has been corrected and the Automatic Approval permission of the staff using Rebuild Lender List will be applied.

-Two issues seen recently by Chrome users have been corrected: (1) Clicking a navigation button at the top of the Participant Record displayed the bottom of the Staff Dashboard, and the top of the Participant Record disappeared so changes couldn’t be saved (2) Clicking the Format to Print button when viewing a request record displayed the bottom of the Staff Dashboard, and the top of the request record disappeared so changes couldn’t be saved.

November 15, 2023

Thanksgiving week van adjustments

Here is an alphabetical list of the libraries affected by the long Thanksgiving Holiday and when they can expect delivery.
This list is for libraries that only receive deliveries ONCE A WEEK.

Antrim                        11/27
Barnstead                  11/21
Bennington               11/27
Canaan                       11/27
Center Harbor           11/2
Center Sandwich      11/22
Charlestown              11/27
Chocorua                    11/22
Dublin                         11/22
Enfield                        11/27
Errol                            11/21
Etna                             11/27
Farmington                11/21
Gorham                      11/21
Grafton                       11/27
Greenville                  11/27
Groveton                   11/21
Hancock                     11/27
Hill                               11/27
Jefferson                    11/21
Marlborough             11/27
Mason                         11/27
Milton                         11/21
Mont Vernon             11/22
New Durham             11/20
New Ipswich              11/27
N.H. State Prison      11/22
Pittsfield                    11/21
Randolph                   11/21
Sanbornton               11/21
Sanbornville              11/21
Springfield                 11/21
Stratford                    11/21
Sullivan                      11/27
Troy                            11/27
Tuftonboro                11/21

Again, this is for the libraries that only receive one delivery a week on Thursday, and Friday.
Some of the routes may be running a bit slower, due to extra stops.
Thank you all in advance for your patience.  Be kind to your van driver, and try to have your material as close to your entrance as possible.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving,
Jill Witham
Van Service Coordinator
New Hampshire State Library

November 14, 2023

Vans and holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, I would like to ask that you please not send any material other than ILLs on the van until the end of the year.  Our vans will be very busy with extra material due to missed deliveries on holidays, and we want to make sure we can take care of all the ILL traffic.  Please do not send donations or other non-ILL items during this period.


Jill M Witham
Van Service Coordinator
New Hampshire State Library


November 8, 2023

Feedback sought on enhancements to statistics reports

Auto-Graphics is currently surveying customers, including NHAIS, about which enhancements to statistics reports they'd find most useful in SHAREit. The enhancements ranked highest will get top priority for development. NHAIS ILL users are welcome to say whether any of 7 proposed enhancements would be useful to them via an online survey. Multiple responses from a single library are welcome. Responses will be accepted through the end of the day on Sunday, November 19. New Hampshire's ranking of proposed developments will be considered with votes from other states and provinces to determine which changes are likely to be developed.

If you want a refresher on how to get Statistics on your ILL usage before you answer the questions about potential changes check out the video Using ILL Statistics.

November 7, 2023

"Institutions may choose not to show copies..."

You may have recently come across the message "Institutions may choose not to show copies that are not available for ILL" in the Where To Find It area on detail screens in the NHAIS ILL System. This is caused by a bug that is being worked on.

Please DISREGARD this message. It has no effect on the lender list build process. Place your request as usual and let the system find lenders for you.

November 3, 2023

Van changes for week of Veterans Day

In observation of Veteran’s Day the State Library will be closed on Friday, November 10,2023.
Here is an alphabetical list of the once a week libraries affected by the holiday, and the dates they will receive their deliveries.

Antrim                      11/9
Bennington              11/9
Center Harbor         11/13
Center Sandwich     11/8
Charlestown             11/8
Chocorua                  11/8
Dublin                       11/8
Greenville                 11/9
Hancock                    11/9
Hill                              11/13
Marlborough            11/9
Mason                        11/9
Mont Vernon            11/8
New Ipswich              11/9
N.H. State Prison       11/8
Sanbornton                11/9
Sullivan                       11/9
Troy                             11/9

Have a safe Holiday.

Jill Witham
Van Service Coordinator
New Hampshire State Library

November 2, 2023

NHAIS ILL fixes Thu 11/2 10pm

The NHAIS ILL System will be offline for up to 15 minutes tonight (Thursday, Nov. 2) starting at 10 o'clock. Program updates will address the following issues:

-On the Login screen, users used to be able to hit the Enter key immediately after entering their password to log in. In recent months, an additional step was required: either clicking the Submit button or hitting Tab twice and then hitting the Enter key. This has been corrected so that users can once again enter their password and hit the Enter key to log in. Those who prefer clicking the Submit button may still do so.

-When going from the Staff Dashboard to another screen, the bottom of the Staff Dashboard would sometimes be displayed on the new screen. This has been corrected.

-Some component colors, such as the “Show More” option in a facet list, have been adjusted to provide better color contrast. The changes comply with Section 508 requirements for accessibility.