December 1, 2006

Known NHU-PAC Functionality Issues

There are some known NHU-PAC functionality issues and we have compiled a list of these, including work-arounds where applicable. If you encounter another problem please alert the NHAIS Help Desk at 271-2141 or send us an email at

Occasionally, NHU-PAC's keyword searching function stops working and you'll get a "sorry, could not find anything matching" message for all your searches (in the ILL program, the message is "search terms resulted in NO items found"); NHAIS Services can usually restore this function within a few minutes of being notified. If this problem occurs when there is no one in NHAIS Services--nights, weekends, holidays--you may be able to use browse searches instead (not an option in the ILL program) but please leave a message to let us know about the problem.