January 31, 2007

Lost Books List - Jan. 2007

Just three this time:

Caravaggio: a life/ Caravaggio, Michelangelo Merisi da
B CAR Merrimack PL

Inside man/ Grisham, John
AUD 345.766 (it's a CD) Center Harbor, Nichols ML

Master the SSAT and ISEE, 2003/ Jacqueline Robinson
371.26 ROB Merrimack PL

Margaret Perry, Assistant Director at the Hampstead Public Library compiles this list each month of the books that have gone missing between NHAIS libraries. She sends the list out to the NHAIS-ILL listserv and has given me permission to include the list here as well. If your library has lost a book in transit send the info to her email address (mperry @ hampstead.lib.nh.us)
To add a book to the Lost List you need to include:
spine lable information
owning library