February 21, 2007

Message archives for NHAIS-L and NHAIS-ILL

Messages posted to the general NHAIS e-mail list (NHAIS-L) and the NHAIS interlibrary loan e-mail list (NHAIS-ILL) are archived back to June 2002. The message archives can be viewed only by list subscribers with passwords. Subscribers should receive reminder messages with the passwords at the beginning of each month.

If you don't have your password, go to <http://maillist2.nh.gov/mailman/listinfo/nhais-l> for NHAIS-L or <http://maillist2.nh.gov/mailman/listinfo/nhais-ill> for NHAIS-ILL and, near the bottom of the page, enter your subscribed address next to the "Unsubscribe or edit options" button, then click the button. Near the bottom of the next page there's a "Remind" button that you can click to have the server send you a password reminder message. The system-assigned passwords are different for each list.

With your password, go back to <http://maillist2.nh.gov/mailman/listinfo/nhais-l> for NHAIS-L or <http://maillist2.nh.gov/mailman/listinfo/nhais-ill> for NHAIS-ILL. Near the top of the page, under "About Nhais-l" (or "About Nhais-ill"), you'll see a link to "Nhais-l Archives" (or "Nhais-ill Archives"). Click and enter your subscribed address and password to see a list of months. Choose how you'd like to view messages from a particular month (sorted by thread, subject, author, or date) or download a compressed text file (the "gzip'd text" option).

[Above links were modified June 13, 2007, to reflect new addresses for NHAIS-L and NHAIS-ILL. As of the same date, archives are available to September 2006.]