February 23, 2007

The NHAIS OCLC Program

All NHAIS libraries have access to downloadable cataloging records from OCLC through the NHU-PAC -- including ones that aren't there yet through the add brief records form.

A few NH libraries however, have opted to have direct cataloging access to OCLC's WorldCat database through the NHAIS OCLC Program. To participate in this program a library must have at least one cataloger on staff who can complete an OCLC skills check to show that they know how to use Connexion software and the OCLC cataloging system in an efficient and cost-effective way. The library has to sign an agreement that they will comply with the terms of the program and to has to pay a small annual fee to participate in the program.

From time to time we receive information here in NHAIS Services that might be of interest to the libraries who participate in this program and we will be posting that information on this blog under the topic "OCLC program." If you aren't participating in this program you can ignore these postings.