February 23, 2007

OCLC Connexion Record Display Problem

Since around Valentine's Day OCLC has been having a problem in the Connexion Client where individual records are not displaying. This is due to a recent Microsoft Windows update.
This is only a problem for the Connexion Client. The Connexion Browser is not affected, so Browser users can ignore this message. Details on the problem, including a patch you can install, are available through OCLC System Alerts.

Here is the latest info on this issue from OCLC's Cataloging & Metadata Services Division:

Connexion client users, please read this important announcement. If you use the web-based Connexion browser this information does not impact you.
To recap, MS KB918118 security patch did not allow you to display records in client versions 1.60 and1.70. We created patches for version 1.6 and 1.7 of the client that were to allow you all to display records in the client with the in patch place. We discovered today that these OCLC patches do not allow Chinese, Japanese and Korean script characters to be input correctly with global IME. End of life for version 1.6 is rapidly approaching and we know that many of you will be upgrading to version 1.70 over the next month. We don’t want you all to have to install the 1.70 software and then take a second step to install the patch for 1.70. We also need to fix the CJK problem referenced above. Fixing this problem is a very high priority for us. Have we got a deal for you!
We are going to create version 1.72 of the client that incorporates the change to accommodate MS KB918118 and the fix for the CJK problem referenced above. In addition, we will fix problems that have caused some users to refrain from upgrading from version 1.60 to 1.70. We will fix validation problems with the Thai, Tamil, Bengali and Devanagari scripts. The last change is a fix for a problem where client export does not put the correct subfield information in field 035 when more than one OCLC control number is present in field 035. Version 1.72 should be ready within the next week or two. We will keep you updated. We suggest that if you have not upgraded to 1.70, wait for version 1.72. You may go directly from version 1.60 to version 1.72 when you do your upgrade. You do not need to do the 1.70 patch install when you upgrade to 1.72. Version 1.70, the 1.70 patch and version 1.72 will all be supported by OCLC. It's your local decision which 1.7x version to use on your machines. We will extend the end of life for version 1.60 from April 1 to April 15, 2007 to give you all some extra time to upgrade due to these issues.
Thanks again for hanging in with us!