March 13, 2007

Audios, Videos & Foreign Language

The question has been asked twice in the past 10 days, so it seems like a point worth repeating: NHAIS Libraries can request records from OCLC (through the brief record form) for materials in any format or language at no charge. There USED TO BE a charge for these items, called a non-guideline charge, but it was discontinued several years ago.

You will find many, many, many records for audios, videos, and materials in dozens of different languages in the NHU-PAC. Feel free to add holdings to these records and to download them for use in your local catalog. If the item you have in hand doesn't match any of these records add a brief record to the system and NHAIS Services will add an OCLC record for the item (if one exists) to the NHU-PAC at no charge to you. If you library participates in the NHAIS OCLC program the terms of that agreement apply to these materials the same as any other.

Some of these materials, but not all, are eligible for the NHAIS Original Cataloging Program. If you submit a brief record for an item and it cannot be matched on OCLC it will be considered for original cataloging and you will be notified if it is not eligible for original cataloging.

So, go ahead and add those audios, videos, and non-English materials to NHU-PAC -- it won't cost you a thing.