March 22, 2007

Saving Your Bookmarks Online

Instead of saving your favorite Websites to your browser, think about saving them online! There are many excellent services specifically created to manage your bookmarks. One of the easiest to use is the bookmarking feature from Yahoo! If you already have a Yahoo account, simply log in and visit: (Sign up as a new user if you do not have a pre-existing account.)

The greatest benefit of using an online bookmarking service is having access to all of your bookmarks from any online computer - home, work, while on vacation, etc. Additionally, Yahoo saves a copy of the Website to your account. This is a valuable service in an age where online files are known to disappear in an instant. (Best yet, it will save entire PDFs to your account!) Why not give online bookmarking a try? Here are a few tips to get started:

  1. Once you've logged in, you can get started by importing your existing bookmarks from your browser or from another online bookmarking service. (Visit the "Tools" link >> Import Bookmarks.)

  2. Add a small "bookmarklet" to your browser's link bar. This makes it just as easy to quickly bookmark sites as using your browser's favorites option.

  3. Add notes and tag (assign subject headings) each bookmark to find your sites quickly!

  4. See your bookmarks from any Internet-connected computer!

Other bookmarking services:

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