May 31, 2007

Don't miss this!

The Nubanusit Co-op has graciously extended an invitation to other NH libraries to attend their June co-op meeting, held on Monday, June 11th at 10 am at the Mt Caesar Union Library in Swanzey. Jessamyn West will be speaking about the new Web 2.0 technologies and how we can use them to provide better library services. If you have no idea what MySpace is, or how RSS can make your life easier, here’s the talk for you – and if you are looking for ways to apply these technologies to your libraries, this is the talk for you, too. Jessamyn is an excellent speaker -- it was her talk at NELA that inspired me to get the NHAIS and Book Notes NH blogs going -- and it is well worth the trip to Swanzey to hear what she has to say.

If you plan to attend be sure to RSVP to Caddie Gregory at Mt Caesar. Her email is or her phone number is 357-0456.