June 22, 2007

FY2006 NH Public Library Annual Report

The following message is from Sue Palmatier, supervisor of the State Library's Library Development Services section:

Great news! You asked for it, and it's here: The FY2006 NH Public Library Annual Report questionnaire is up and ready for you to fill out. The deadline is Friday, the 13th of July. If this is a true hardship, please get in touch with me as soon as possible.
I think you'll be pleased to find that the survey is shorter this year, and there are only three new questions, all of them fairly simple. We now ask you to split your electronic database count among local, state, and other agreements or funding sources; we ask for the total number of registered borrowers at your library; and we ask whether or not you get e-rate money.
On the other hand, we've simplified and shortened the section on Internet access, and we now ask for the number of public Internet-access computers, rather than terminals.
Don't forget to check the separate Instructions if the questions are not self-explanatory or the brief notes accompanying the questions aren't clear. And call or e-mail either Sue Palmatier or Tom Ladd as you need to; both are at 1-800-462-1726. Sue's e-mail is spalmatier@library.state.nh.us; Tom's is tladd@library.state.nh.us. You'll need a PC (*not* a Mac) with Windows 95 or higher and Internet Explorer 6.0 or later. Netscape and other browsers will not work.
To get started on the survey, go to http://collect.informata.com/. On the log-in screen you'll see directions on dealing with the Internet Explorer pop-up blocker while logging in. However, if you have a Google, Firefox, or other program with a built-in pop-up blocker, you'll have to turn it off before trying to access the survey.
You'll need the same username and password as you've used in the past, if you've done the survey previously. If not, call or e-mail Sue or Tom.
Those of you who have done the survey online before will be thrilled to learn that Bibliostat now leaves the title bar at the top of the screen exposed (that's the bar with the minimize/maximize boxes and the big X you click on to close the window); this means you can now minimize the collection screen if you want to check your e-mail, look up a file, or do some other task.
The survey may not be fun, but it shouldn't be onerous, either. If you're having any trouble at all, don't stare at the screen in exasperation or panic; call us and we'll walk you through the questions.
Thanks for your patience and your cooperation. Your contribution to NH's statistics collection is extremely important not only to our state's libraries but to those throughout the country. Your peers are depending on you.