June 4, 2007

Lost Book List for May 2007

Among the enemy, J Fiction by Haddix returned to Manchester City Library from Plaistow on March 20th but not received.

We had a book coming to us in Barrington called Reading the Forested Landscape as a trade from Harrisville PL and it has not arrived to us yet. Has anyone gotten a book such as this delivered to your van stop by mistake? If so, could you please pass it along to Barrington PL.
Amy Inglis

I would appreciate it if you would take a look for 2 books which seem to have disappeared some where between libraries:
Skinny legs and all by Tom Robbins , belonging to Weeks PL in Greenland and
The tender bar by J.R. Moehringer, call no. B Moe, and it belongs to Stratham.

Thunder From the Sea by Joan Harlow, coming from Newton/Gale to Farmington/Goodwin.
The book was sent out about March 17th and never made it to Farmington.

Dance upon the air by Nora Roberts (F ROB PB) was sent to us but we have no record of its arrival and can not locate it here. Madbury Library

We are trying to track down the book Aspects of the Novel by Forster which should have been "traveling" from Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth to Hills Memorial Library in Hudson. Has it gone somewhere else by mistake. Thanks for checking.

We are looking for a DVD of Middlemarch that we leant to a library several months ago. They believe they returned it in February. Our records still show it as out and its not on our shelves either. Ring any bells for anyone? Thanks for checking! Janis Minshull
Chocorua Public Library (van stop: Tamworth)

WalpoleTown Library is looking for the following books that have gone astray on their way to other libraries:
Green Hills of Africa by Hemingway. Hard cover, 1935 edition.
Where the Forest Meets the Sea a children's picture book by Baker. Hardcover, 1987.
Please check your shelves. Thanks so much.

To submit items for June’s list, there are now two options:

#1- Email to librarian@madison.lib.nh.us. Be sure to put “lost book list” in the subject line and to include spine label call number so we all know where to look for lost item.

#2 - Post lost items on the lost book list wiki. This wiki allows immediate posting and viewing and can be updated by anyone with the password (read further). If you have something to add to this list, or want to remove something that’s been located, you can do that by signing in with password and clicking the “edit page” button, making changes, and then clicking the “save” button. Password for login can be obtained by emailing librarian@madison.lib.nh.us There is a link to the wiki on the right-hand panel of this blog.