June 14, 2007

Managing Your Photos

Let's say you've just returned home from vacation with hundreds of photos you want to share with friends and family. How do you easily upload, organize, and share all of these digital pictures?

The first of three sites I'll blog about is Photobucket. Photobucket has attracted a lot of interest because it was recently purchased by NewsCorp, the same folks who own MySpace and Fox, for a lot of money. Read more from TechCrunch. Photobucket differs from other photo sharing sites because it accepts both pictures and short video.

Photobucket allows you to upload both photos and short video and remix them together to create a unique and visually interesting show. I found the uploading process to be the slowest of the three photo sharing sites, and that fact seriously limited my desire to make this my primary photo sharing tool. Although the remixing is a great feature, I didn't really have the patience (or, frankly, the creative talent) to make anything very interesting. However, I'd recommend this site to anyone who has the time and creativity to produce a dynamic remix!

For the digitally-inclined student, this tool would help to produce an amazing, "how-I-spent-my-summer-vacation" presentation!

Next time: Flickr