November 6, 2007

ILL issue: selecting lenders

Tuesday, Nov. 6, 9:30 a.m.: The normal procedures for selecting a lender string in NHU-PAC's ILL program are not working this morning but there's a workaround. After clicking on the Request from Selected Lenders button on the Select Union Lenders page, you'll be taken to the Reorder Lender String page, where the only location displayed is NHUPAC (not a valid lender). If you click Save Changes there, you'll be taken back to the Request Summary but the lender string will still say NHUPAC. If you know the HSA codes of valid lenders, you may enter them, one at a time, just below the NHUPAC entry and click the blue plus sign. After you've entered all lenders, you MUST get rid of NHUPAC from your lender string by clicking the red minus sign. If you're not sure about valid lenders, click the green check mark, jot down HSA codes, check off at least one, submit, go to Reorder screen, save changes, and return to Request Summary to enter codes. We have reported this problem to SirsiDynix.