December 19, 2007

How to Delay Your ILL Request Indefinitely

If you want the item you are requesting through NHAIS Interlibrary Loan to take a really long time to arrive -- and to perhaps never arrive at all -- here are a few things you can do:

1- Don't choose a lending library.

When you don't check a box next to a library you have chosen to make your request of, the system automatically assigns the request to the NHU-PAC Administrative account and keeps it there for 3 days or until someone here in NHAIS Services logs in to that account and sets the request unfilled. During 2007 this has happened 333 times so far.

2- Include a training library among your selected lending libraries.

There are 5 training libraries set up in the NHU-PAC that we use for demonstration, testing, and training. None of them have any actual materials because they are imaginary libraries. If you include them in your lender string your request will be held up for 3 days waiting for an imaginary staff person to process the request. The training libraries are Lilac Public, Finch Museum, Ladybug School, Birch Public, and the Newt School. They can be identified in the ILL system because they have HSA codes that begin with the letter T and the word "Training" appears at the beginning of their displayed name.

3- Neglect to edit the patron ID on your request.

If you leave the patron ID as your HSA code your request will never go anywhere except into the provisional status list. Changing the patron ID to the barcode of your patron, to a random number, or to your own name, or to whatever you want (Fred, maybe?) will allow your request to go on its way through the system.

4 - Having problems with the system and not contacting the NHAIS Help Desk

Many ILL problems can be resolved in just a few minutes by the Help Desk staff. If you don't let us know there is a problem we won't know to fix it. The NHAIS Help Desk is available by phone Monday - Friday from 8am to 4pm (271-2141) or you can send an email any time to (note the new-ish address)