January 14, 2008

NHU-PAC survey results online

Last spring NHAIS Services asked NHU-PAC users to tell us how they use the current system and what they like and dislike about it. Results of the survey are now available online as a PDF file. To view it, you may need to install Adobe Reader which is available free from Adobe.

After the survey was completed, attendees at a packed session at the spring NHLA/NHEMA conference were asked to name the one thing they would most like to see changed in the NHU-PAC. More than 40 different suggestions were recorded. The most requested feature was exact title matching, mentioned by six people. Next in popularity, with four "votes," was more sophisticated searching in the ILL program.

A NHAIS committee is taking your comments into account as it writes a request for proposals to be sent to vendors seeking to provide a system which will run the next generation of the NHU-PAC. The contract for the current system expires in the middle of next year.