January 9, 2008

System operability

The NHAIS web page is back in service. There may be some problems because the backup used to re-create the web page was from February of 2007. Staff will investigate, in detail, the presentations and try to make any correction needed to bring the NHAIS web page back to this past Monday's status. A quick test of the various pages at 6:30 PM today (1/9/08) shows all facets of NHU-PAC working as they should. Testing from simple memory is not a very reliable platform, so tomorrow's fine tooth comb approach will drag out any hidden problems.

SirsiDynix is unable to provide an explaination beyond the mythical "vampire electricity". One of the problems is that the backup scripts that would have made the re-build more timely were disrupted some time after the last system upgrade. I will be dealing with that issue on Monday when I return to the office.

I am really sorry for the disruption in your work flows and staffing caused by this outage. An effective method of preventing this in the future is also on the table for this coming Monday.