February 29, 2008

Judging a Website by Its Cover

I admit it; I judge websites too often on looks alone. I'm attracted by a site's clean interface and good looks. I figure if the site looks clean and modern, it is more likely to contain the information I want. I know this is shallow of me. However, if you, too, are more inclined to visit a site on looks alone, here is the search application for you: ManagedQ.

ManagedQ is a search application that re-works Google search results to provide the results in the form of site previews instead of text. Six good-sized and fast-loading previews are presented at a time. Each preview shows a site title, a snapshot of the site, and a text summary.

The one complaint I have of the site is how easy it is to alter your results by accidentally scrolling over the "Executive Summary" (clustered results) and changing the results. Try to keep your mouse away from the clustered results unless you really want to limit your results.

All in all, I like ManagedQ. I'd probably be more inclined to use it when I'm browsing for new, interesting things versus doing a quick search for practical information.