March 10, 2008

Policy Questions Answered

A while back a question was posted to NHAIS-L about how long libraries wait before deleting inactive patrons from their databases and then last week the library who asked to question very helpfully posted a message with the answers received. It seemed to me that having these cumulated answers as part of this blog -- so you could find them all in a single place even if you were not sure how long ago the message was on the list -- would be a good idea.

Here is what we came up with to make this happen: When a message summarizing responses to a library policy question is posted to one of the NHAIS listservs, we will add that info to the blog -- with credit given to the compiling library -- and label the post with the topic "policy questions answered." If the question is specific to another of our existing topics we will link it to that label as well. This is not an automatic process someone here in NHAIS Services will post the information. If something seems like it shouldn't be made public (a recent discussion about where petty cash is kept comes to mind, for example) we won't post that. If you post a cumulation you don't want shared beyond the listserv, please let us know and we won't include it.

If you still have such a message in your email that is recent (2008), and you thought would be useful enough that you saved it, feel free to forward it to me via email and I will add it to the online collection.