April 14, 2008

New server

The new iPAC server for NHU-PAC, Gilford Public Library, and Moose (the State Library’s catalog) has arrived at Park Street! It is awaiting the State’s OIT (Office of Information Technology) OK to be moved to the server farm. The date slated for the server upgrade is Monday 21 April 2008. The iPACs will be unavailable for most of the day. SirsiDynix will try to bring us back to life on the new server as soon as possible, but to ensure a proper and orderly upgrade, we are stating that the iPAC will be unavailable all day Monday, April 14, 2008.

I am unable to do the upgrade during the weekend because of the costs involved, as well as the availability of the various support people needed in the event of a problem. For this I apologize and ask your forbearance. Please know that every effort will be made to swiftly make this upgrade so that there is as little disruption as possible.

On a more jovial note, I’ve included several pictures, two of the server and the server farm’s cleverly disguised store front. The server farm has had some modifications to its exterior so that terrorists will be unable to locate it. There’s also a picture of the up-to-the-minute environmental instruments used to monitor the temperature, humidity, time, and barometric pressure inside the facility.

More pictures will follow in the next week or so.

Sincerely, or not,