May 22, 2008

Digital Archive Built on WordPress

At the NHLA conference yesterday I presented a digital archive (library?) built on WordPress. Those of you who have attended a WordPress blogging workshop are familiar with the hosted side of WordPress, or However, you might not know that there is another deeper side to WordPress: is the site that provides the free, open source software that you can download, manipulate, and upload on a server of your choice. The software is free and different themes and functionality can be added to the site as needed.

Here is what attracted me to use WordPress as a digital archive:

  • Full-text searching
  • Categories that tie together related items
  • Web-accessible
The digital archive consists of about 90 years of Salisbury, NH warrant articles. Warrant articles are the items the townspeople vote on during the annual Town Meeting. Many of the articles are simply legal necessities, but there are some interesting nuggets of town history buried in the articles! Take a look at the Salisbury Warrant Articles site.

Flip through the presentation and watch for more WordPress workshops in the future!