May 29, 2008

New NHU-PAC server

NHUPAC, the name of the new server for NHU-PAC, is proving a problem child. There were problems with its physical installation, which were taken care of with the help of Theresa Pare-Curtis. Now there are connection issues. NHUPAC, the computer, is physically installed in the server farm on Hazen Drive, the wires have been connected but – there doesn’t seem to be anyone at home. I’m hopeful that this is just shyness on the new computer’s part and once it realizes that we, the Library community, mean to do it no harm, it will respond as any good computer should.

This tongue in cheek description of the technical problems is to inform you that another range of problems has arisen and is being beaten back through the cooperation of the State’s OIT Department, Sirsi-Dynix, and NHAIS services. As I’ve stated previously, when a “go live” date can be established it will include at least a 7 day warning period so that work schedules can be modified, if needed. The “go live” day will be the day that NHU-PAC, the service, will be unavailable for most of the day while final changes are made to the program.

NHAIS Services staff is waiting to have the new server installed. The upgrade should fix a couple of long standing problems. Top on that list is access to the Cataloging module.

Thank you for your patience and forbearance. The complexities of our system are deep with many parts must all work in harmony.