June 9, 2008

Lost Books - May 2008

The book I’D TELL YOU I LOVE YOU, BUT THEN I’D HAVE TO KILL YOU was sent to Kingston from Brentwood. It has never arrived. We would appreciate your keeping an eye out for it. Thanks, Patti.

Nichols Memorial Library
169 Main Street
Kingston, N.H. 03848
tel 603-642-3521
fax 603-642-3135

Lebanon sent the Princess Mononoke DVD to Milford (Wadleigh Mem.) and now she is lost. If anyone sees her, please either send her back home or route her on to Wadleigh. And please ask her to call or email when you find her. Thanks. J

Lebanon PL


This list is also available at http://nhaislostbooks.pbwiki.com/ To edit wiki you need a password. Contact Mary Cronin at Madison Library to get the password if you don't have it.

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